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QwtPlotSpectrogram Class Reference

#include <qwt_plot_spectrogram.h>

Inheritance diagram for QwtPlotSpectrogram:

QwtPlotRasterItem QwtPlotItem

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Detailed Description

A plot item, which displays a spectrogram.

A spectrogram displays threedimenional data, where the 3rd dimension ( the intensity ) is displayed using colors. The colors are calculated from the values using a color map.

In ContourMode contour lines are painted for the contour levels.


See also:
QwtRasterData, QwtColorMap

Definition at line 35 of file qwt_plot_spectrogram.h.

Public Types

enum  CachePolicy { NoCache, PaintCache, ScreenCache }
enum  DisplayMode { ImageMode = 1, ContourMode = 2 }
enum  ItemAttribute { Legend = 1, AutoScale = 2 }
enum  RttiValues {
  Rtti_PlotItem = 0, Rtti_PlotGrid, Rtti_PlotMarker, Rtti_PlotCurve,
  Rtti_PlotHistogram, Rtti_PlotSpectrogram, Rtti_PlotSVG, Rtti_PlotUserItem = 1000

Public Member Functions

int alpha () const
void attach (QwtPlot *plot)
virtual QwtDoubleRect boundingRect () const
CachePolicy cachePolicy () const
const QwtColorMapcolorMap () const
QwtValueList contourLevels () const
 Return the levels of the contour lines.
virtual QPen contourPen (double level) const
 Calculate the pen for a contour line.
const QwtRasterDatadata () const
QPen defaultContourPen () const
void detach ()
virtual void draw (QPainter *p, const QwtScaleMap &xMap, const QwtScaleMap &yMap, const QRect &rect) const
 Draw the spectrogram.
void hide ()
void invalidateCache ()
QwtDoubleRect invTransform (const QwtScaleMap &, const QwtScaleMap &, const QRect &) const
bool isVisible () const
virtual void itemChanged ()
virtual QWidget * legendItem () const
 Allocate the widget that represents the item on the legend.
QRect paintRect (const QwtScaleMap &, const QwtScaleMap &) const
 Calculate the bounding paint rect of 2 maps.
QwtPlotplot () const
 Return attached plot.
 QwtPlotSpectrogram (const QString &title=QString::null)
virtual QSize rasterHint (const QwtDoubleRect &) const
 Returns the recommended raster for a given rect.
virtual int rtti () const
QwtDoubleRect scaleRect (const QwtScaleMap &, const QwtScaleMap &) const
 Calculate the bounding scale rect of 2 maps.
void setAlpha (int alpha)
 Set an alpha value for the raster data.
void setAxis (int xAxis, int yAxis)
void setCachePolicy (CachePolicy)
void setColorMap (const QwtColorMap &)
void setConrecAttribute (QwtRasterData::ConrecAttribute, bool on)
void setContourLevels (const QwtValueList &)
void setData (const QwtRasterData &data)
void setDefaultContourPen (const QPen &)
 Set the default pen for the contour lines.
void setDisplayMode (DisplayMode, bool on=true)
void setItemAttribute (ItemAttribute, bool on=true)
void setTitle (const QwtText &title)
void setTitle (const QString &title)
virtual void setVisible (bool)
void setXAxis (int axis)
void setYAxis (int axis)
void setZ (double z)
 Set the z value.
void show ()
bool testConrecAttribute (QwtRasterData::ConrecAttribute) const
bool testDisplayMode (DisplayMode) const
bool testItemAttribute (ItemAttribute) const
const QwtTexttitle () const
QRect transform (const QwtScaleMap &, const QwtScaleMap &, const QwtDoubleRect &) const
virtual void updateLegend (QwtLegend *) const
 Update the widget that represents the item on the legend.
virtual void updateScaleDiv (const QwtScaleDiv &, const QwtScaleDiv &)
 Update the item to changes of the axes scale division.
int xAxis () const
 Return xAxis.
int yAxis () const
 Return yAxis.
double z () const
virtual ~QwtPlotSpectrogram ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual QSize contourRasterSize (const QwtDoubleRect &, const QRect &) const
 Return the raster to be used by the CONREC contour algorithm.
virtual void drawContourLines (QPainter *p, const QwtScaleMap &xMap, const QwtScaleMap &yMap, const QwtRasterData::ContourLines &lines) const
virtual QwtRasterData::ContourLines renderContourLines (const QwtDoubleRect &rect, const QSize &raster) const
virtual QImage renderImage (const QwtScaleMap &xMap, const QwtScaleMap &yMap, const QwtDoubleRect &rect) const
 Render an image from the data and color map.

Private Attributes

PrivateData * d_data


class  PrivateData

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