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QwtScaleWidget Class Reference

#include <qwt_scale_widget.h>

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Detailed Description

A Widget which contains a scale.

This Widget can be used to decorate composite widgets with a scale.

Definition at line 34 of file qwt_scale_widget.h.


void scaleDivChanged ()
 Signal emitted, whenever the scale divison changes.

Public Member Functions

QwtScaleDraw::Alignment alignment () const
QwtDoubleInterval colorBarInterval () const
QRect colorBarRect (const QRect &) const
int colorBarWidth () const
const QwtColorMapcolorMap () const
int dimForLength (int length, const QFont &scaleFont) const
 Find the minimum dimension for a given length. dim is the height, length the width seen in direction of the title.
void drawColorBar (QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect) const
void drawTitle (QPainter *painter, QwtScaleDraw::Alignment, const QRect &rect) const
int endBorderDist () const
void getBorderDistHint (int &start, int &end) const
 Calculate a hint for the border distances.
void getMinBorderDist (int &start, int &end) const
bool isColorBarEnabled () const
int margin () const
virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const
int penWidth () const
 QwtScaleWidget (QwtScaleDraw::Alignment, QWidget *parent=NULL)
 QwtScaleWidget (QWidget *parent, const char *name)
 Create a scale with the position QwtScaleWidget::Left.
 QwtScaleWidget (QWidget *parent=NULL)
 Create a scale with the position QwtScaleWidget::Left.
QwtScaleDrawscaleDraw ()
const QwtScaleDrawscaleDraw () const
void setAlignment (QwtScaleDraw::Alignment)
void setBorderDist (int start, int end)
void setColorBarEnabled (bool)
void setColorBarWidth (int)
void setColorMap (const QwtDoubleInterval &, const QwtColorMap &)
void setLabelAlignment (int)
 Change the alignment for the labels.
void setLabelRotation (double rotation)
 Change the rotation for the labels. See QwtScaleDraw::setLabelRotation().
void setMargin (int)
 Specify the margin to the colorBar/base line.
void setMinBorderDist (int start, int end)
void setPenWidth (int)
 Specify the width of the scale pen.
void setScaleDiv (QwtScaleTransformation *, const QwtScaleDiv &sd)
 Assign a scale division.
void setScaleDraw (QwtScaleDraw *)
 Set a scale draw sd has to be created with new and will be deleted in QwtScaleWidget::~QwtScale or the next call of QwtScaleWidget::setScaleDraw.
void setSpacing (int td)
 Specify the distance between color bar, scale and title.
void setTitle (const QwtText &title)
 Give title new text contents.
void setTitle (const QString &title)
virtual QSize sizeHint () const
int spacing () const
int startBorderDist () const
QwtText title () const
int titleHeightForWidth (int width) const
 Find the height of the title for a given width.
virtual ~QwtScaleWidget ()

Protected Member Functions

void draw (QPainter *p) const
 draw the scale
virtual void fontChange (const QFont &oldfont)
 Notify a change of the font.
void layoutScale (bool update=true)
 Recalculate the scale's geometry and layout based on.
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e)
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e)
void scaleChange ()
 Notify a change of the scale.

Private Member Functions

void initScale (QwtScaleDraw::Alignment)
 Initialize the scale.

Private Attributes

PrivateData * d_data


class  PrivateData

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